Simpler Living for Simpler Times, A Post War Old Town Property for Sale

This home is pretty standard for a post war, function over fashion home here in Old Town Fort Collins. It is pretty easy to tell that this home was originally built (in 1953) for simple living in simpler times. Homes built in this era that I’ve seen tend to have a modest living space that is slightly separated from the kitchen. Check. They also tend to have a few bedrooms (usually 3, but 2 in this case) clustered around a shared full bathroom. Check. In this instance, there is a two car garage to shelter one or two cars from the Colorado elements (I can imagine some sweet mid 50’s or early 60’s cars living in this one). Check. 

All of the boxes are checked for minimal living in 1950’s, but I’m not sure that all of them would be checked for living in 2017. The house logically makes sense, but there is plenty left to be desired for the current times. The home will need some work. I doubt the electric has seen much updating, who knows about the sewer line, and there will be other odds and ends to take care of throughout the house as it eventually gets updated. The lot would prohibit making this property much bigger, so really the name of the game here would be a moderate-medium work facelift/ whole home update. I estimate most people would spend $30-60K doing a remodel on this type of home with the current condition it is in. 
I honestly don’t think that $330K is where the value is on this property at this specific point in time (Late August, 2017) as we have seen a seasonal shift even earlier in the summer (pretty much July) which has allowed for a 3 year record high amount of inventory under $350K throughout Fort Collins. I recently saw a somewhat similar property on Tedmon st. (3 bed, 2 bath) sit without an offer for over two weeks priced at $325K. They dropped to $315K and had an offer quickly thereafter. That being said, I think this property is in a similar boat and I see the value in the $300-$315K range. 

This property is Listed by Berkshire Hathaway FTC JFK – Kris Laine