Will Charm and Character Outweigh Size and Location on this Old Town Home?

This home has a classic look from the outside the follows through on the interior as well. The wood floors have been recently refinished throughout the house and that feature definitely draws the eye. Fresh paint also adds to a very clean feel throughout the house that actually has some decent sized bedrooms and living/dining area for only being 816 SQFT. The kitchen is a bit tight and could use some appliance updating, but is still fully functional on the home. 

The backyard is a really nice feature of this home with multiple areas to entertain, a single car garage (it is in pretty rough shape and has dirt floor, but is a garage none the less), and a yurt with electric on the inside. For those who may be concerned about parking on Shields, they did just repave and paint this section of Shields with a dedicated bike lane and parking area. Additionally, there is room to park at least one vehicle in front of the garage via the alley access. 
Expansion on this home would most likely have to come at the expense of the backyard as the current ceiling height in the basement is at or below 6ft. There also seemed to be a bit of mis-match wiring through the property, which definitely happens throughout the years of a home built in 1932. Of course, everything can be fixed with money and I would rely on a professional inspector and contractors for any type of advice on the costs of updating or necessary repairs of this nature. 
The pricing seems inline with other similar style and sized properties in the area. I know that a similar size/style property sold earlier this year (416 N. Sherwood) for $352K. I actually think that this property is in better condition than Sherwood, but on a slightly less desirable street. 419 Wood St. is another good comparable that sold for $350K, although it did have a larger lot than this property. 
I don’t think that this property will last long and I would expect that it will sell above its listed price, probably around $330-$340K. If you have any questions about this or any other Old Town property, I’m always available. 
Tim Borgman
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This property is Listed by C3 Real Estate Solutions, LLC – Garrett Danielson