Master Bedroom Suite or Amazing Living Room Addition? Which Would You Rather Have?

What would you rather have in your home? An amazing living room and kitchen or a spacious master bedroom with its own en-suite bathroom? This home currently has one, but not the other, which is the major takeaway from my tour of this home earlier today. The positive, however, is that the kitchen, living room, and two bedrooms upstairs in the addition are quite impressive. As the listing agent aptly said in her listing comments  ‘[the living room/kitchen] is the heart of the home’

 I was definitely impressed with the overall feel of the addition. Tons of natural light, great hardwood floors, and an amazing sightline all the way to the front of the house made this section of the home feel incredibly inviting. Upstairs, I couldn’t help but notice 10 foot (or maybe higher) ceilings which added a feeling of expansiveness in the two bedrooms. 

The master bedroom, which is located at the original front of the house, is not bad at all, especially for an old town home. The issue is that the master bathroom is attached to the office, not the bedroom, which makes for an awkward flow in that portion of the home. A buyer could certainly do some renovations to combine the office/master space to include the bathroom, which would fix this issue. I bet a renovation of this nature, would cost somewhere between $10,000-$20,000 and may very well be the missing piece to making this home irresistible!

This property is Listed by Downtown Real Estate Partners – Emily Heinz