Is Being Built in 2002 a Blessing and Curse at the Same Time in Old Town?

I’m a firm believer that homes have a feeling that attract buyers more than features or SQFT. This home is packed full of logical features and amenities that should have it sold quickly, but it has been on the market for over 100 days now. Here are the positives of the home:

  • It was built in 2002, so it is structurally sound with up to date plumbing, electric, appliances, and layout
  • It is super close to downtown Fort Collins
  • It has a huge 2 car garage and off-street parking
  • There is a super private backyard with plenty of space
  • 3600 SQFT of space in Old Town is hard to come by
All of these positive features should really make this home an easy sell. I don’t even think the original pricing of $739,000 was way off for these type of features. Here we are now in the middle of July (it was listed in March) $64,000 less than the original asking price, so why isn’t it selling?
From what I’ve seen from a majority of Old Town buyers, they would love to have all of these amenities in an Old Town home, but they still want that X factor that differentiates their home and makes it FEEL historic. It could be a few original windows in a 1906 built home, or some period doors, or hardwood floors from 1920. All of these features don’t make much sense from a logical standpoint, but certainly provide a warmth of history that makes a home feel right. 
Because this home was custom built in 2002, it feels like a home built in 2002. Thats not to say that it is not solid or well built, it definitely is. I didn’t feel a unique charm in this home that I have felt in many other homes. That, paired with the mixed use nature and diagonal parking of Meldrum street also negates the cozy neighborhood feel that is present across a majority of Old Town. 
I feel bad for this home, because there is nothing wrong with it logically, I just hope that it makes another family happy sooner than later! 

This property is Listed by RE/MAX Alliance- Jeanette Meyer